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Welcome to the official home of the Lottery Statistic Analyser. Advanced PC based lottery analysis covering many popular draws world wide. Simple to use, yet provides statistical information that would be virtually impossible by hand.

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Lottery Statistic Analyser features the best wheels available

With an average hit probability exceeding 20% when compared to standard wheels using the same number of tickets.

LSA's unique wheel system will beat almost every world record breaking reduced wheel when comparing the number of combinations covered vs. the number of tickets purchased.

Detailed reports including next due, full draw ball distribution, frequency and many more

Detailed plus one draw predictions based on real math (regression analysis) 

The 'Lottery Statistic Analyser' has everything any lottery player could need with over 250 draws world wide and a live update system you can be playing statistically best numbers within minutes.

Why place random numbers on the lottery each week when you can place mathematical fact using LSA Lottery software

Lottery statistic analyser comes bundled with many tools and features including.

Live Updates

Predictions Window

LSA Lottery Wheels

Predictions Window
  • 4/12 : Pick 6, 4 tickets, 12 numbers
  • 7/9 : Pick 6, 7 tickets, 9 numbers
  • 7/14 : Pick 6, 7 tickets, 14 numbers
  • 10/15 : Pick 6, 10 tickets, 15 numbers
  • 16/16 : Pick 6, 16 tickets, 16 numbers
  • Wheels Explained


Predictions Window
  • Plot trend lines over past draw history.
  • Use trend lines to predict one draw in the future.
  • Detailed regression analysis of past draw data.
  • Per ball placement analysis, statistics on each ticket position.
  • Logically weighted linear regression predictions (LOWESS)

Global Reports

  • Normal Distribution Inverted
  • Normal Distribution Standard
  • Numerical Placement Odds
  • Per Ball Appearance - By Ball Count
  • Per Ball Appearance - By Ball Number

Interactive Graphs

  • Counts Appearances
  • Counts Distribution
  • Counts Last Out
  • Counts Next Due
  • Predictions LOWESS
  • Predictions LOWESS ND
  • Predictions Trends : Linear Regression
  • Predictions Trends : Exponential Regression
  • Predictions Trends : Logarithmic Regression
  • Predictions Trends : Polynomial Regression

Moving Reports

  • Appearance Averages
  • Draws Past Since Last Appearance
  • Higher or Lower
  • Last Ball Out
  • Lexicographical Order
  • Moving Hot Warm and Cold
  • Number Frequency
  • Numbers Due to Appear
  • True Hot Warm Cold

Lottery Tools

  • Worlds fastest draw combination generator
  • Lexicographical Order Finder
  • Combination Finder
  • Last Ball Out
  • Lottery Combinations

Lottery Databases

View the full list of supported draws

Lottery Distributions

LSA is based on real world math.

with data referenced to the draws Normal Distribution

Free Lottery Normal Distribution Reference Library

Distributions for Pick 5 Draws

Distributions for Pick 6 Draws

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