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Lottery Software Wheel Report 

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LSA is the original creation of Micracom, All images here-in are copyright protected by Micracom.

LSA screen shots

Lottery Software

Main User Window (LSA Front end)

Scan draws, view statistics, new advanced interactive graph which is capable of displaying many easy to understand statistics about the draw. Plus 1 draw predictions based on regression analysis of the game being played.

Lottery Software

Main User Window Regression Mode (LSA Front end)

Attempts to Predict one draw in the future individually for each number drawn.

Uses LOWESS locally weighted scatter plot smoothing.

See Wikipedia for more information on LOWESS


Lottery Software

LSA Wheels and Maximized Number Arrangements

With over 200 different wheels and MNA'a to choose from LSA offers

the best multi line number arrangements available.

Optimized to equal max coverage for tickets purchased.

This has to be the flagstone of this release. See Wheels for detailed information

Lottery Software

Database management window

Simple and fast downloads of new database files from our server

Over 200 draws supported worldwide.

LSA Filters

Powerful draw filtering, filter any day, month, year and get statistics from ranges

Update LSA with new draws simple and fast

Get the latest draw results with our new improved database download window.

Live Update

New update system so simple its only a few clicks.

Regression and Ball Placement Reports

Shows you the percentage chance each number has of appearing based on every draw combination in the lottery you are playing, get the advantage.