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We have had so much positive feedback from our software we have made a page dedicated to the people and sites that have helped LSA become one of the leading Shareware lottery programs in the world. Below are just a few of the awards we continually receive each month

LSA now has over 100 software awards

Below are just some of the awards LSA has received to date.

Its easy to see why LSA is the most popular lottery software on the internet


Clean Virus Free Software Windows 7 Compatible - Windows 7 Download Lottery Statistic Analyser download now - it's clean

Filesland Award

Sorry if you have presented us with an award and its not displayed.

LSA gains around 10 awards a month so to prevent long loading times for users only show a few at any one time.

I will soon add an award gallery displaying the awards alphabetically, please keep them coming.

Multi award winning lotto software

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