What is The Lottery Statistic Analyser (LSA)?

Lottery Statistic Analyser or LSA for short is the result of a long study into probabilities , mathematical facts and sequential analysts’, following many calculations LSA is able to interpret pasts statistics creating estimations made on the probability of figures materializing based on associations, patterns, succession, progression and sequences of the previous draws. In short LSA monitors the past and current and then estimates the future according to many calculations of passed patterns. LSA is not a random number generator and at no point in the program are random numbers used, LSA uses only what is fact and creates all calculations based on the past and patterns derived from these facts.

Filters (Sort Window)

The Sorted Window Understanding the Sorted Window


This window was designed to give the user a powerful way of filtering draw information from any day to any month and/or year. There are 6 user controls and 6 information controls on this window.Using the Sorted window


To the left of the most common window is a list of every draw sorted by numerical order. Next to the right of the numerical order list is draws as they appeared in the lottery. Frequency listings are displayed to the far right of the screen. The 2 text window’s at the bottom of the screen display findings based on what has been filtered.

Left List: Most Common

This list shows all the draws sorted from lowest ever to highest ever. By clicking on the list the middle list will show its true placing in respect to date.

Middle List: Most Common

Use this list to view past draw results. It shows the draws in the order they appeared

Right List: Most Common

Use this list to view the number of draws that past between each ball appearance in the middle list.

The Sorted Window Day Filter

Will filter out all draws that did not occur on the selected day.

The Sorted Window Month Filter

Will filter out all draws that did not occur on the selected month.

The Sorted Window Year Filter

Will filter out all draws that did not occur on the selected year.

The Sorted Window UK 31/12/00 Check Box

Use this check box if your local date is dd/mm/yy

The Sorted Window US 12/31/00 Check Box

Use this check box if your local date is mm/dd/yy

The Sorted Window Filtered Days combo Box (Drop down list)

Filters all days but the one selected. Set the drop down list to All days to include every day in the scan.

Reports window

This window will allow you to print LSA's findings and generate reports from the draw results.

Reports window using the Reports window:

Click on the Generate Report Button and wait for the progress bars to finish counting

Once the bars have finished a detailed report will be created in the large text window.

The information in the report is as follows.

Ball number: Times Out: Frequency: Six Most Common: Six Least Common

Ball number = the lottery ball number

Times Out = the number of times that ball appeared in the results

Frequency = the average number of days that past between appearances

Six Most Common = Six Most Common to appear in results for each day and month

Six Least Common = Six Least Common to appear in results for each day and month

Reports window Print Report

Click print report to print the report. Simple!

Reports window Year Filter

If you select a year from the year drop down list LSA will generate the report for that year only

Reports window Day Filter

If you select a day from the Day drop down list LSA will generate the report for that day only

Database Window:

This window will allow you to create change or retrieve new database files.

Database Window Modify Selected Database

If you wish to alter headings or date fields

1: select the “Modify Selected Database” button.

2: In the new window you will see 7 white text boxes with there current headings above them.

3: Type your own in these fields for example the UK has a 7th ball called the bonus ball but the USA Power ball has the Power ball.

The UK 7th field would read BB where as the Power ball should read PB.

This in no way affects the draws or their findings it is just a visual aid to help the user remember which numbers go where.

The date however will effect the findings greatly.

The UK has the date set out DD/MM/YY

The USA has the date set out MM/DD/YY

LSA will create a bad report if the dates are set wrong.

LSA sorts draws by there dates if it was a English draw LSA would look

in the first field for the day and second for the month so you can see

how important this setting can be.

Database Window Delete Database Button

As you use LSA to create database files settings are created in the

registry of the computer it is on. If you located LSA's installation

directory and deleted a database file manually the registry setting

will be orphaned and will most likely be left in the registry until

your machine is formatted or a registry cleaner is run.

This is why you must delete all database files created by LSA from within LSA.

LSA will remove all settings it created safely from the computers registry.


Database Window Load Database

To use a different database simply highlight the database you wish to load from the black list on the left, then click the "Load Database" button.

When the database has loaded we suggest you restart LSA to prevent any settings or statistics from being carried over from the last loaded draw.


Database Window Get more Databases

This button will open the database wizard which will allow you to

download many lottery databases from around the world.

How to use this feature

1: Click the “Get more Databases” button

2: In the window that appears select your draw in the black list

3: Click the “Download database file” button

4: Another window will appear that will connect you to the internet and download the file for you.

Database Window Create New Database

If we have not made a draw for your lottery and it is a 6 – 7/ 49 lottery then you can make your own.

1: Click “Create New Database”

2: In the first field of the new window type in the name of your lottery for example Power ball

3: In the second field type the name of your lottery’s region for example UK

4: In the seven white boxes type your headings for example B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 PP PB

5: Choose the date format either DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY

6: Click “Create New Database”

You will find the new database file in the white database list.

Highlight it and click (Load Database)

You can now start adding your draw information

Database Window Connect and Launch Site Button

To keep track of your lotteries home page we have added a list of web

site short cuts so you can jump directly from LSA to the home page.

If the home page of your lottery is not in the list you can add your own

1: Right click the “Connect and launch Site” button

2: In the pop up menu click add web link.

3: Enter the web address in the top most field

4: Enter a name for the lottery; this can be anything you like.

5: Click “Add”

6: To cancel click “Close”

Perm Window

The perm window is one of the best ways to win though LSA.

Taking a selected amount of numbers and arranging them in such a way

it tunes the numbers to perfection covering all ball combinations from

the selected numbers in the least amount of lines possible.

How the perms work.

Just choose from 9 to 14 numbers and LSA will create the shortest list

of numbers possible for a 3 ball win from the numbers you picked.

That covers the following

[3 number Win] 9 number perm, covers 83 three ball combos in just 7 Lines

[3 number Win] 10 number perm, covers 119 three ball combos in just 10 Lines

[3 number Win] 12 number perm, covers 219 three ball combos in just 15 Lines

[3 number Win] 14 number perm, covers 363 three ball combos in just 25 Lines

[3 number Win] 15 number perm, covers 454 three ball combos in just 31 Lines

[4 number Win] 14 number perm, covers 1000 four ball combos in just 40 Lines

If any 3 from your numbers come out you are guaranteed a minimum win of 3 numbers every time hence, hugely increasing the odds of getting 4 and 5 and even 6 numbers

Look at the perm below created by LSA for the UK Lotto

14 23 25 28 31 38

14 23 25 28 31 43

14 23 25 28 31 44

14 23 25 28 31 47

14 23 38 43 44 47

23 28 38 43 44 47

25 31 38 43 44 47

All these 9 numbers are covered 14, 23, 25, 28, 31, 38, 43, 44, and 47, in such a way if any 3 of them come out you win and the chances are you will get more than one line.

If you look at the perm in more detail you will see that some number combinations repeat so if certain ball combinations come out you could win with this perm up to 4 lines with just 3 numbers correct.

Here is a detailed break down of all the winning combinations with just 3 numbers correct.

There could be more but for this help file I will just list as many as I can see straight off.

4 line wins

If any one of the 9 below combinations appeared you would win 4 times on the one ticket

14 23 25

14 23 28

14 23 31

14 25 28

14 25 31

14 28 31

23 25 28

23 25 31

25 28 31


3 line wins

If any one of the 4 below combinations appeared you would win 3 times on the one ticket

38 43 44

38 43 47

38 44 47

43 44 47


2 line wins

If any one of the 17 below combinations appeared you would win 2 times on the one ticket

14 23 38

14 23 43

14 23 44

14 23 47

23 28 38

23 28 43

23 28 44

23 28 47

23 38 43

23 38 44

23 38 47

23 43 44

23 43 47

25 31 38

25 31 43

25 31 44

25 31 47


1 line wins

If any one of the 34 below combinations appeared you would win once on the one ticket

14 25 38

14 25 43

14 25 44

14 25 47

14 28 38

14 28 43

14 28 44

14 28 47

14 31 38

14 31 43

14 31 44

14 31 47

23 31 38

23 31 43

23 31 44

23 31 47

25 38 43

25 38 44

25 38 47

25 43 44

25 43 47

25 44 47

28 38 43

28 38 44

28 38 47

28 43 44

28 43 47

31 38 43

31 38 44

31 38 47

31 43 44

31 43 47

If 4 balls were to come out you would win a lot more lines for the cost of 7 lines

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