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LSA is one of the leading shareware lottery programs on the internet

This page contains answers to common questions along with some tips and tricks that have found useful and presented here as questions.


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Wrangcombe Lane



TA21 9QQ

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How do I ... ?

Q: Register LSA

A: Use the website purchase link, once the payment has been made a key will be emailed to the address you provided.


Q: Install LSA

A: Download LSA from the download page, the file will be zipped to keep it as small as possible for faster downloading, unzip the file and right click the file.

From the dropdown menu choose run as administrator, follow the instructions.


Q: Win The Lottery?

A: You would be amazed how often I get asked this, the answer is no one can tell you this, but LSA will improve your odds substantially of winning prizes.


Q: Update My Draw Data?

A: Use the live update feature in LSA, if your draw is not in the list then use the email page to contact me and I will make the draw for you.




Q: Where is my key, I have paid for LSA and do not have a key

A: A key is sent to you via email usually with-in 10 minutes of the transaction

If you do not received the key with-in 30 minutes please contact us here Email Us and I will check the registration details for you.

Where can I find ... ?

Q: Support information on Micracom products

A: Micracom try to provide help to the highest standards, each program has a help file which can be launched by pressing F1 on your keyboard while the program is running