Lottery Statistic Analyser Downloads

Lottery Statistic Analyser V6.9.5

Windows 10 users: To download right click the link and select "Save target as..."

Download Lottery Statistic Analyser

Lottery Statistic Analyser V6.00.00

Download for LSA (Older release 32bit OS)

Download Lottery Statistic Analyser

LSA V6 Help File

LSA's help manual.

LSA wheels MNA's Help File

LSA's wheels manual.

LSA Installation Guide

Detailed step by step installation guide..

Lotto Selector Downloads

(New) Lotto Selector Download (XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)


Lotto Selector UK V1

A new quick pick lotto tool for the UK lotto and Euro Millions.

Lotto Selector Manual (731Kb)

Lotto selector help and information file.

What's New in V6.0.9


reported bug where one of the reports is not displaying text correctly


New Features

Splitter bar added to main window, this allows graph and report scaling on the main window.

Pick 5 and Pick 6 draw information now displays detailed 3 and 4 ball combination information

Update installer package for better compatibility for Windows 10 users.


support for over 100 draws worldwide
Worlds best wheeling system with up to 40% better odds over conventional wheels.
Analyse every possible winning combination in a draw in seconds.
Powerful prediction algorithm's that are very simple to learn and use
Provides powerful yet simply to understand statistics
Provides statistics way beyond that of other lottery software
Based upon real world mathematics, not hocus-pocus
Accurate and repeatable statistical reference makes for trusted calculations.
Detailed graphs and reports
Unique plus one draw prediction feature based upon LOWESS regression

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