LSA software statistics window


Day Filter, Display Mode Switch Text, Graph, Show by Draw check box, Scan Button, Report Button, The "Use Findings in Perm" Button


Understanding the Statistics Window, Sum Total Graph, How LSA calculates the graphs

Understanding the Statistics Window

This window was designed to give the user an understandable visual break down of numbers drawn.

The window consists of 7 graphs 6 of which are placement graphs and the 7th a total count graph of the other 6 graphs.

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How LSA calculates the graphs

13 45 04 24 28 39 came out they would be sorted to 04 13 24 28 39 40

4 being lowest would be added to graph 1 and 13 to graph 2 etc

So the graph Ball one shows the number of times the lowest ball appeared as a first ball

Graph two shows the number of times the second lowest ball appeared and so on.

Quick Use:

1: Click the “Scan” button in the bottom right of the statistics window.

2: Once done, Move the mouse over any of the graphs to display stats.

1. The number of times that ball appeared in that range

2. The width of the balls range i.e. 23 to 37

3. The date of the last draw that ball was in.

4. How many draws ago that ball appeared.

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Sum Total Graph

Shows a total of all the graphs displayed on the window.

This is excluding any bonus ball.

Click this graph to create a report on the selected number

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Display Mode Switch Text, Graph

You can view the results of the Statistics Window as text by selecting the Text Switch.

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Scan Button

This will recalculate all draw information.

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Day Filter

Filters any specific day(s) from draw

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Report Button

This button will produce a report from the Statistics windows findings and send it to the Print Reports window where it can be printed.

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Show by Draw check box

By ticking this you can use Back and Next to see the draws one by one.

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Use Findings in Perm

By clicking this button LSA will send the most common from each graph to the perm Wizard.

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