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Lottery Statistic Analyser Serial Number

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Pay securly via Paypal or using your card Pay securly via Paypal or using your card

Click a purchase button to be taken to PayPal where you can
complete the purchase safely and securely.


UK Customers


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Alternative Purchase Options


Bitcoin payment
BTC Address = 1FJ1KxLihJiZqn6UM3duN2mcx9VPazr5V6
Please send 0.0039682590 BTC = 18USD @ $4,535.99 BTC

Litecoin Payment
LTC Address = LWFrzH34RE2GvS76c8fkoVgtY1EnoSWLFP
Please send 0.2352226609 LTC = 18USD @ $76.52 LTC<

Crypto Currency Payment Process


Currently we have no payment feedback mechanism for crypto currencies
so we have to manually confirm the transfer.

First send the stated amount of crypto currency to the appropriate address .

Using the website’s contact form send a message containing

1: Your first and last name
2: The date and time of the transfer.
3: The currency you paid in (BTC or LTC) or the address the payment was sent to.

This payment option can take up to 24 hours to receive your product
key depending on holidays, weekends, but we will aim to have the
registration key sent over the same day in most cases.


LSA is designed to run on Microsoft Windows XP and later.

Currently LSA is NOT available for IOS or Android

Security Policy

We do not have access to any of you payment details.


The details PayPal provide us are as follows.

Date of Purchase
Email Address
Payment Completed Status

When we receive a confirmation from PayPal a product key will be sent to the email address provided.

We DO NOT sale or pass on your contact details to anyone period.

The details PayPal send us are encrypted and stored on a computer that does not have a network connection  so the possibility of you contact details being hacked are zero.


Your details will be used by us to confirm registration on a request for technical support.

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