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Maine's "Mega Millions" lottery draw is a pick 5 game with a pool of 75 numbers and one bonus number offering a 1 in 14.71 chance of a prize.

Maine Mega Millions Game Information
LSA Draw ID 777
Game Name Mega Millions
Country - State USA - ME - Maine
Pick - Pool 5/75
BB Pool 15
BB1 NameMegaBall
Ways To Win 9
Top Prize OddsMatch 5 + 1 = 1 in 258,890,850
2nd Prize Odds Match 5 + 0 = 1 in 18,492,204
3rd Prize OddsMatch 4 + 1 = 1 in 739,688
4th Prize Odds Match 4 + 0 = 1 in 52,835
5th Prize OddsMatch 3 + 1= 1 in 10,720
6th Prize Odds Match 3 + 0 = 1 in 766
7th Prize OddsMatch 2 + 1 = 1 in 473
8th Prize Odds Match 1 + 1 = 1 in 56
Any Prize Odds1 in 14.71
Drawing Times Drawings are held Tuesday and Friday evenings 9:00 p.m
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Mega Millions Normal distributions

Mega Millions5/75 Ball Placement 1 Distribution Mega Millions5/75 Ball Placement 2 Distribution Mega Millions5/75 Ball Placement 3 Distribution Mega Millions5/75 Ball Placement 4 Distribution Mega Millions5/75 Ball Placement 5 Distribution
Click an image to see detailed normal distribution information for the Maine Mega Millions

Mega Millions Lottery Predictions

Mega Millions - Lottery Predictions

Using a best fit curve LSA can contiune the trend line to make a plus 1 draw prediction.
Detailed report and interactive graphs make for a very easy to use interface.

Mega Millions Lottery Appearances

Mega Millions - Lottery Appearances

LSA provides all the information you could need to help select those lucky numbers from our ball appearance graph too detailed due number information based on every possible combination in the draw.

Mega Millions Lottery Distribution

Mega Millions - Lottery Distribution

Find out what numbers are most likely to appear in each position on the ticket and see if your tickets are worth playing.

Mega Millions Lottery Distribution Report

Mega Millions - Lottery Distribution Report

One of the many detailed reports in LSA the distribution report is the holy grail and we feel should be printed and hung on the wall, a permanent reference to bias your picks toward.

Mega Millions Last Out

Mega Millions - Last Out

This interactive graph provides detailed information on each balls last appearance.

Mega Millions MultiState_Mega_Millions_Lottery_Last_Out_Report.JPG

Mega Millions - MultiState_Mega_Millions_Lottery_Last_Out_Report.JPG

Another LSA report, the "Last Out" provides a detailed and printable version of the "Last Out" graph.

Mega Millions Next Due

Mega Millions - Next Due

See whats overdue, whats not due, simple and easy to understand graph and report.

Mega Millions Normal Distribution Report

Mega Millions - Normal Distribution Report

This report lists the normal distribution of each ticket position in the Mega Millions, we even formatted the data to allow copy and paste to external spread sheets

Mega Millions Ball Placement Proberbility

Mega Millions - Ball Placement Proberbility

Mega Millions Lottery Trends

Mega Millions - Lottery Trends

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