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Update Draws Manually

Help Revision 2.0.0

Update Draws Manually

LSA's database files can be updated manually using Notepad

LSA's databases are stored in one of the following folders (OS dependant)

C:\ProgramData\Micracom\Lottery Statistic Analyser\Databases

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Micracom\Lottery Statistic Analyser\LSAV6_1_0\Databases

C:\Program Files (x86)\Micracom\Lottery Statistic Analyser\Databases

It is however easier to open a draw file by loading the draw in LSA and clicking the following button found bottom left of the main window.

Whenever editing a draw file please keep to the format already in the draw.

Below is an example of a draw with no bonus numbers

12 13 31 39 41 43 01/03/09 Sat

06 21 22 25 28 38 01/07/09 Wed

10 13 14 20 29 35 01/10/09 Sat

07 10 13 18 21 37 01/14/09 Wed

Below is an example of a draw with 2 bonus numbers

I have highlighted the bonus balls for clarity, it's not a database requirement

10 12 24 25 41 03 05 04/01/08 Fri

08 24 36 49 50 04 08 11/01/08 Fri

14 16 23 40 46 04 08 18/01/08 Fri

02 06 09 19 45 07 08 25/01/08 Fri


See image below 

LSA Database format


Bonus numbers must always be to the right of the main ball numbers.

Dates must be to the right of the numbers and be in one of two formats DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY

Do not use long dates such as DD/MM/YYYY

LSA will not understand long dates and regard the first two digits of the YYYY as the year.

Dates formats such as YYYY/MM/DD are not understood by LSA and should be avoided.

The day name does not have to be added, LSA works this out if omitted.

Again do be careful when adding draws and follow the existing draw format.

If an error occurs after editing a draw use the Live-update to download a good copy again.