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License Agreement


Please read the following information carefully before using the Lottery Statistic Analyser©, this covers the terms and conditions you are accepting by installing and / or using the Lottery Statistic Analyser©.


The Lottery Statistic Analyser© will be referred to as LSA© throughout this document.

From the first release in 1990 LSA has been used by lottery players and even scientists throughout the world, LSA is a PC based software that you as a user installs on your computer. Jamie Pocock is the author, distributor and sole owner of LSA and has been since concept in 1989. Without the full written permission of Jamie Pocock signed and witnessed by legal representative of Jamie Pocock and a legal witness of the third party (you) you may not do the following. No company, no business, no individual person of any type or kind may copy, distribute or rewrite LSA. This covers but is not limited to electronic means ( over the internet, or intranet) and media distribution (CD, DVD, or any other possible storage device). LSA may not be converted to other formats, including but in no way limited to for use on portable devices, PDA'S, phones and/or Mobile devices, other operating systems.LSA and any complementary files that are installed are distributed and licensed "as is". Jamie Pocock disclaims all warranties, either spoken or unspoken, including, but not restricted to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a specific objective. Should LSA prove defective, you the user assumes the risk of paying the entire cost of all necessary servicing, repair, or correction and any incidental or consequential damages. In no event will Jamie Pocock be liable for any damages whatsoever (including without limitation damages for loss of profits, interruption, loss of information and the like) arising due to the use or the inability to use LSA even if Jamie Pocock has been advised of the probability of such damages arising. Subjected to the conditions in this license agreement you may redistribute the unmodified trial version of LSA, provided you do not charge for it or alter it in anyway.

The Lottery Statistic Analyser© is copyright protected, owned by Jamie Pocock.


Copyright Information ©



Lottery Statistic Analyser© is a copyright protected work with a number of copyrights and additional copyrights pending. Also the intellectual property (IP) of this work is owned and has been owned by Jamie Pocock since 1989 and as such falls under the Copyright, designs and patents Act of 1988 recognized in many international agreements including the Berne Convention (World Intellectual Property Organisation).


Copyrights of The Lottery Statistic Analyser©

Lottery Statistic Analyser© (LSA)

o    Lottery analysis software and source code as held at the UK registers office.

Maximized Number Arrangements (MNA)

o    A system to arrange numbers for use in lotteries so as not to repeat any 3 or more numbers in the entire set of the numbers, be it on one line of numbers or many.

Dynamic Distribution Selection:

o    A logic system implemented in the Lottery Statistic Analyser© to choose numbers based on the normal distribution of the draws combinations

Ball Placement Distribution

o    A method implemented in the Lottery Statistic Analyser© that counts the times every number appears in each numeric position (section or placement ) using every possible combination available in the draw., Lottery Statistic Analyser© selects numbers from the normal distribution of each section or placement.