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LSA Help Revision 2.0.0


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Loading Draws in LSA



LSA comes with over 200 draws to choose from. When LSA first loads you will most likely want to change the default draw.


Instructions on loading a draw

  • Select the Draws Menu
  • Select Database Window
  • Select the draw required from the list of available draws.
  • Click the Load Draw button to load the database
  • LSA will remember the last draw you load and will load it the next time you start LSA.


Instructions on deleting a draw

  • Select the Draws Menu
  • Select Database Window
  • Select the draw required to delete from the list of available draws.
  • Click the Delete button




Instructions on editing a draw


·         Select the Draws Menu

·         Select Database Window

·         Select the draw required from the list of available draws.

·         Click the Edit button

§  Name Enter the name of the draw

§  Pick Select the pick from the drop down menu

§  Pool Select the pool of numbers used in the draw

§  Date Format Select the date format for the draw

§  Country Select Your Country from the available list

§  Region Select your local region, this is the state or county

§  Bonus Balls Select 0, 1 or 2 for the number of bonus numbers drawn

§  Bonus Has Separate Pool Tick if bonus is drawn from its own pool

§  BB1 Name Enter the name of the bonus ball i.e. Powerball

§  BB1 Pool The pool if selected from main pool will be the pool - pick

§  BB2 Name Enter the name of the bonus ball i.e. Lucky Star

§  BB2 Pool if bonus is selected from main pool then (pool - pick -bb1)

§  Odds of Prize Not required but is the global chances of winning a prize

§  Prizes Tick all possible prizes, this effects some calculations in LSA


Note on Bonus ball pool:


Example: If you have a 6/49 draw with a bonus that gets drawn from the 49 numbers then you count the remaining balls as the bonus balls pool. For example 6 balls are drawn from 49 leaving 43 unique numbers not drawn, this is the bonus ball pool 43, again if two bonus numbers get drawn then reduce the second bonus number pool by 1 more, which is 42.





Update Draws Manually


LSA's database files can be updated manually using Notepad


All LSA's databases are stored in the following folder

C:\ProgramData\Micracom\Lottery Statistic Anaylser\Databases

However it is easier to open a draw file by loading the draw in LSA and clicking the

following button found bottom left of the main window.


Whenever editing a draw file please keep to the format already in the draw.

Below is an example of a draw with no bonus numbers


12 13 31 39 41 43 01/03/09 Sat

06 21 22 25 28 38 01/07/09 Wed

10 13 14 20 29 35 01/10/09 Sat

07 10 13 18 21 37 01/14/09 Wed


Below is an example of a draw with 2 bonus numbers

I have highlighted the bonus balls for clarity, it's not a database requirement


10 12 24 25 41 03 05 04/01/08 Fri

08 24 36 49 50 04 08 11/01/08 Fri

14 16 23 40 46 04 08 18/01/08 Fri

02 06 09 19 45 07 08 25/01/08 Fri


Bonus numbers must follow the main ball numbers.

A date must be in the format DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY

Do not use long dates such as DD/MM/YYYY as LSA will not understand and regard the first two digits of the year as the year.

The day name does not have to be added, LSA works this out if omitted.

Again do be careful when adding draws and follow the existing draw format.

If an error occurs after editing a draw use the Live-update to download a good copy again.


Live Update


LSA can update its draws using a feature called Live Update. To use live update you must first be a registered user.



Fig 10


Updating a draw with live update

  • Select the Draws Menu

  • Select the Live Update

  • Click the button Check

  • LSA will then establish a connection to the server, the first time you do this you may get prompted to allow LSA access to the internet, please allow access or the updates will not work.

  • Tick each checkbox to select all the updates.

  • Click the button Update

  • After the updates have downloaded click Exit

  • Click the menu titled Windows

  • Click Main Window to reload

  • Now the database will be up to date


Copyrights ©

Lottery Statistic Analyser© is a copyright protected work with a number of copyrights and additional copyrights pending. Also the intellectual property (IP) of this work is owned and has been owned by Jamie Pocock since 1989 and as such falls under the Copyright, designs and patents Act of 1988 recognized in many international agreements including the Berne Convention (World Intellectual Property Organisation).