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False Claims


I want to discharge any potential misunderstandings from my software or this document and distance LSA from the stigma around lotto systems with the simple statement.


LSA is a mathematically based lottery analysis tool and as such takes a logical approach to providing statistics on lotteries. It is not a supernatural tool that can predict your lottery and does not claim to poses any such magical powers.

LSA is as the title suggests a Lottery Statistic Analyser©

LSA has been designed specifically not to provide deceptive information or data but to provide users with comprehensive statistics on their draw. Using LSA you can be sure the statistics are correct and follow real mathematical rules. LSA's statistics provided accurate and none presumptuous findings .

So many systems make false claims to encourage users to purchase systems. LSA does not do this, never have I claimed LSA can predict lotteries and I never will. I will summarize this as clearly as possible.




There is one exception to this, if there are enough users of a system then that system will eventually win, not because it works but because the math shows if enough people use it then eventually at some point in time it will become true. It's very simple, the more users of a system the more chances that system will win.

Note on Systems: Someone will win a lottery most weeks, be the numbers chosen by lucky dip or birthdays or a claimed system, that's because millions play lotteries every week and the chances one will win is then high. If millions were to play a single system then most weeks that system would win a large prize.... hence the owner of the system would use this as advertising and more people would buy into the system and use it , then more people would win using it and the myth grows.. It's a vicious cycle, don't get caught up in it. One day a person may make a time machine and go forth and collect the lottery results and then come back to today, even if this very unlikely event happened, would they sale these numbers? When looking at these systems keep an open mind, don't become part of the vicious cycle. If anybody claims they have such a system they are almost certainly fraudulent and should be avoided no matter what evidence they can fabricate. If there is a system that claims proof of jackpot winners then find out how many users there are of that system before jumping in, if the person cannot provide such information then again avoid it.


Why use LSA?

Any claims that are made in this document about what LSA is capable off can be 100% proved and verified with mathematics as I have throughout this document tried to do.

LSA will show you the true statistics of the draw you play.

These statistics are in detail and take into account many variables producing numerous reports and predictions, if you determine these statistics are the winning numbers then I have no difficulty with that, I myself always play the statistics produced by LSA, after all the statistics produced are purely scientifically and mathematically based and if you're going to play numbers from a website, book or software then why not use statistics you can identify as being 100% mathematically accurate.

After all LSA's capability to present you with precise statistics on every ball in every position make it a great tool to analyse lotteries. All the mathematical approaches used are entirely acceptable in statistics, and backed up by the reports produced by LSA.

A logical and scientific approach to writing LSA has produced a software that covers numerous possibilities allowing users to see the entirety of statistics for a draw.

The user is then left to construct theories and forecasts with the statistics LSA produces.



LSA is able to outperform nearly all world record breaking wheels when it comes to the number of possible wins per tickets. I have to use the word nearly because there maybe one wheel out that matches LSA but as yet I am to find it.

With the Maximized Number Arrangements© in LSA you will win much more often, up to a massive 40% more than playing standard wheels .

See the document Wheels that explains this system and shows the proof of the above claim.

This system is copyright protected and only available to users of LSA and cannot be found anywhere else.