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Main Window Help Revision 2.0.0



Counts - Mini Graph


By clicking the right mouse button on a bar in any counts mode graph a mini graph will appear (fig.14) giving information on the ball you clicked. Every time you click a bar another mini graph shall appear, you can set the transparency of each of these mini graphs so as to layer them, very handy when looking for trends etc. The mini graph displays all ball placements for the number selected. fig.14 displays a mini graph for a pick 5 game so 5 placements are shown marked P1 to P5

Across the bottom of the mini graph you can see how many times the ball has appeared to date in each ball position.

Mini Graph


Double clicking the graph with the left mouse button the the graph will open in a new sizable window. Especially useful for those lucky enough to have two monitors as the graph can fill one entire screen while still having access to LSA on the other screen.

The + found on the bottom right of each graph in LSA is another way of opening the graph into a new window.