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Copyright Micracom 2013

LSA Help Revision 2.0.0


Welcome to Lottery Statistic Analyser

License Agreement

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Purchasing LSA

System Requirements

Language Support

Install and Uninstall

Loading Draws in LSA

Instructions on loading a draw

Instructions on deleting a draw

Instructions on editing a draw

Update Draws Manually

Live Update

Updating a draw with live update

LSA - Main Window

Analysis Selection Mode

Buttons of the Main Window

Counts - Appearances Graph

Graph Settings

Counts - Mini Graph

Counts - Distribution Graph

Counts - Last Out Graph

LSA Statistics: Hot Warm Cold Report

Counts - Next Due Graph

Predictions - LOWESS Graph

Predictions - LOWESS ND Graph

Trouble Shooting Guide

How to Run LSA as an Administrator

Running LSA when prompted under User Account Control

How do I add my own draw to LSA

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Why use LSA?

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Controls of the Main Window





Across the bottom of the main window is a set of buttons that allow easy access to variousfeatures.



  • Visit Draw Website

    • Allows you to jump to the official website of the draw. This link taken from and can be changed in the database window, using the edit button.

  • Edit Draw

    • Opens the currently loaded database in Notepad. Please see the section update draws manually for information on the data format of the file.

  • Check For Winning Numbers

    • Allows you to quickly check for winning numbers.

  • View Report in Large Window

    • Opens and displays a new resizable window containing the report of the main window.

  • Launch Wheels

    • Opens and displays the wheel window.

Report Type Menu (Selected above with LOWESS in the box)

Shown below are the options available (Analysis Type / Report Type Menu)

  • Counts / Appearances

    • Show the total appearance count of each number to date.

  • Counts / Last Out

    • Show the total draws past since each number last appeared.

  • Counts / Next Due

    • Based on Total Appearance and Last Out shows when each number is next due to appear.

  • Predictions / LOWESS

    • Plots a logically weighted line through the past draws and attempts to predict one draw in the future.


LOWESS = locally weighted scatter plot smoothing.


See Wikipedia for a fully descriptive and interesting read on LOWESS


Ball Placement Dropdown List.

The dropdown list of the main window allows you to focus in on just one ball Placement

The term Ball Placement will be referred to repeatable so for the purposes of this webpage Ball Placement simple means if you numerically sorted the numbers that came out in a draw, the lowest would have a Ball Placement 1 the second lowest would be ball placement 2 and so on. The ball placement menu changes depending on the draw you have loaded.


You can select ball placement Ball 1, Ball 2, Ball 3 and so on plus you can also select any bonus ball the draw may have. A regression is preformed individually on each selected ball placement giving much more control over the prediction rather than performing a regression on all the numbers drawn.



Main Windows Graph

  1. The graphs in LSA are interactive, by moving the mouse over many of the graphs statistical information can be seen below the graph. Also if you hover the mouse over a ball on the graphs a tooltip will appear in most cases.

  2. LSA has the ability to display bar graphs and line graphs depending on your preferences. Use the drop down list (marked 5 on image map on page 1) to select Show Graph Settings allowing you to change between bar and line graphs.



Main Window Tab Bar

  • Reports

    • Show a textbox that displays an overview of the draw and settings of the main window including reports.

  • Graph Settings / Search

    • Displays the graphs settings and draw filters.

  • Draws and Information

    • Displays an overview of the draw and the draw history

Lottery Statistic Analyser© is a copyright protected work with a number of copyrights and additional copyrights pending. Also the intellectual property (IP) of this work is owned and has been owned by Jamie Pocock since 1989 and as such falls under the Copyright, designs and patents Act of 1988 recognized in many international agreements including the Berne Convention (World Intellectual Property Organisation).

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