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Analysis Selection Mode

LSA uses two different modes to analyse a lottery, counts and predictions.

The modes are selectable from the drop down menu of the main window as shown in the screen shot.




When a mode has been selected using the Analysis Selection Mode the Analysis Type menu contents will change providing a different set of options according to the mode selected.

The two Modes have the follow features available.

1) Counts

Appearances - The total times each number has appeared.

Distribution - How many times each number appears in the entire draw.

Last Out - How many draws have passed since each number last appeared

Next Due - When is each number next due to appear.

2) Predictions

LOWESS - A very powerful prediction mode using LOWESS regression analysis.

LOWESS ND - Another powerful prediction mode using LOWESS regression analysis mixed with data taken from the normal distribution of the draw.

Trends - Uses various types of regression to predict a future draw

Once you have selected the mode and the type you can then select which ball filter to use, for example if you are interested in only the lowest number then select Ball 1 from the Ball Filter menu and the graph will display the data from ball 1 (lowest ball).

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