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Lottery Statistic Analyser and Arizona's Pick 5

Arizona's "Fantasy 5" lottery draw is a pick 5 game with a pool of 41 numbers offering a 1 in 9.62 chance of a prize.

Arizona Fantasy 5 Game Information
LSA Draw ID 700
Game Name Fantasy 5
Country - State USA - AZ - Arizona
Pick - Pool 5/41
Ways To Win 4
Top Prize OddsMatch 5 = 1 in 749,398
2nd Prize Odds Match 4 = 1 in 4,163
3rd Prize OddsMatch 3 = 1 in 119
4th Prize Odds Match 2 = 1 in 11
Any Prize Odds1 in 9.62
Drawing Times Drawings are held Monday through Saturday evenings
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Fantasy 5 Normal distributions

Fantasy 55/41 Ball Placement 1 Distribution Fantasy 55/41 Ball Placement 2 Distribution Fantasy 55/41 Ball Placement 3 Distribution Fantasy 55/41 Ball Placement 4 Distribution Fantasy 55/41 Ball Placement 5 Distribution
Click an image to see detailed normal distribution information for the Arizona Fantasy 5

Fantasy 5 Next Draw Predictions

Fantasy 5 - Next Draw Predictions

LSA is able to project one draw in the future using a best fit curve through a user defined range of past draws.

Fantasy 5 Ball Frequency

Fantasy 5 - Ball Frequency

Discover how many times each numbers has appeared.

Fantasy 5 Distribution

Fantasy 5 - Distribution

This distribution window allows a user to easily see the best ticket positions of each number, invaluable to improving hit ratios.

Fantasy 5 Distribution Report

Fantasy 5 - Distribution Report

LSA has many detailed reports, this report provides information on the distribution of the draw.

Fantasy 5 Hot Warm Cold

Fantasy 5 - Hot Warm Cold

Choose the cold and hot limit and LSA will create a detailed interactive graph accompanied by a detailed report.

Fantasy 5 Hot Warm Cold Report

Fantasy 5 - Hot Warm Cold Report

Screen capture showing the Hot Warm and Cold report.

Fantasy 5 Next Due

Fantasy 5 - Next Due

Using the distribution and past draw data LSA can calculate when each number is due to appear, an interactive graph and report allows easy analysis of the data.

Fantasy 5 Trends

Fantasy 5 - Trends

Using past draw data LSA can plot a trend line through the data and continue on to make a plus 1 draw prediction.

Fantasy 5 Wheels Window

Fantasy 5 - Wheels Window

LSA has 1,000s of wheels and the best wheels on the planet when it comes to winning combinations covered vs. tickets purchased.

Fantasy 5 Wheels Report

Fantasy 5 - Wheels Report

Create a wheel and LSA can produce a graphical report as in the screen capture or a simple text version for copy and pasteing.
All reports are printable.

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